5 tips to practice putting at home
February, 2022

Best golf putting drills to practice at home

The best place to practice your putting skills is of course a real course green. Going out to practice on a real course green will give you a better sense of how the ball rolls and how to read the slopes. However, if you lack the time or simply want to make the most out of your time at home, here, we’ll review some of the best putting drills at home, so you are a step ahead of the game every time play on real turf. Want to practice putting at home?

1) Practice direction and hitting the ball with a square putt face

This first drill does not need anything but your clubs and a few golf balls, and a coffee mug. The idea is to practice hitting the golf ball square and not at an angle which is very important for the direction of the shot. Get one of your clubs and place  it parallel to your feet; it will serve as a guideline for the putt. It is not important to follow a straight line on the backswing, but the putt should be square as it hits the balls. The mug will serve as a target to shoot at.


2) Target practice with one handed putts

Practice putting at home by hitting targets about 2mts apart with just one hand. Start by first using your right hand and then switch to your left hand. You can keep your club or stick from the previous drill to get a sense of direction. Again, try to hit the ball with a square face until you get consistent results. This drill will help you improve the accuracy and direction of your shots.

3) Practice putting to a drawn circle or zone

Practice putting at home by shooting puts into a zone or drawn circle. You can use scotch tape or an erasable marker to draw a circle on the floor. Line up five balls on the floor and see how many putts you can get in the circle during each round. As you get better, make the circle smaller or step back a little to increase the difficulty.

Basic golf putting tips

The number 1 golf putting tip is all about preparation before actually hitting the ball. There are a few important steps you should take to do it. First, read the slope of the green to anticipate the path of the ball.  To make this task easier, step back from the ball and crouch to see the green from a flat close to the ground position. See if you can get a feel for the path the ball will take once you hit it. Second, do some practice swings to get a sense of the power and direction of the shot. Third, take the shot. Your swing motion should avoid wrist movements or flexing your elbows.


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