The Golf Dictionary: Essential Terms and Definitions for Every Golfer
April, 2023

Golf enthusiasts, get ready to expand your vocabulary! From “All Square” to “Play it as it lies,” here is an A-Z of golf terms that every golfer should know.


A – All Square: In matchplay, this term is used to indicate that both players have cheated on the same number of holes.


B – Bogey: This term is used to describe a score that is 1-over par on a particular hole.


C – Cup: The metal or plastic liner of the hole in the green, also referred to as the hole.


D – Driving Range: A place where golfers can practice shots that can’t be replicated on the course.


E – Eagle: A low score of 2-under par on a hole.


F – First Tee: The first hole of a golf course and often the scariest for golfers.



G – Golf: The origins of the word golf are uncertain, but it’s believed to have roots in Middle English and Celtic.


H – Hook: A poorly hit shot that veers to the left, the opposite of a slice.


I – Irons: Variously shaped pieces of metal used to torment golfers.


J – Jigger: A traditional pitching iron or a measuring glass used to either get out of trouble or into trouble.


K – Keeping Score: Assigning a number to each shot in order to arrive at a cumulative total of strokes required to complete a hole.


L – Local Rules: Regulations that are only ignored by players on one specific course.


M – Mulligan: A re-take of a shot that isn’t counted in the score.


N – Nineteenth Hole: A golfer’s favourite hole and a place for relaxation after a round of golf.


O – Overclubbing: Hitting a shot with the wrong club, resulting in the ball flying past the intended target.


P – Play it as it lies: One of the two fundamental rules of golf.


Q – Quick: The pace at which many golfers play, either due to a lack of ability or the belief of making it on the PGA Tour.


R – Recovery Shot: A shot hit immediately after a shot with a driver or long iron, used to get the ball out of a hazard or away from an obstacle.


S – Sand Trap: A bunker filled with sand.


T – Tee: The starting point of a hole where the golfer hits their first shot.


U – Unplayable Lie: A situation where a ball is in a spot where it cannot be played.


V – Virtual Reality: A technology used to simulate the experience of playing golf.


W – Water Hazard: An area of water that can’t be played, such as a lake or pond.


X – X-Out: A golf ball that is considered to be imperfect and sold at a discounted price.

Y – Yips: A sudden loss of fine motor skills in a golfer’s short game.


Z – Zone: The mental state where a golfer is completely focused and confident.



Golfers, memorize these terms and impress your friends on the course. Happy golfing!




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