Pressure secret points for a smooth swing
February, 2022
different-ways-to swing-a-golf-club

Discover the secret pressure points for a smooth swing

The mechanics of the golf swing is very complex and is affected by the movements of your body, your position towards the ball, your grip, etc. especially for beginners it can get a little frustrating the first time out on a golf course. However, after some practice, the swing becomes more natural and the results are very rewarding. At this point, it is time to go further, seek perfection, and study the different ways to swing a golf club. At Play in One, we want to give you some pro tips that will help in your path to perfection. This article will focus on golf grip pressure points for a smooth swing.

different-ways-to swing-a-golf-club

Getting your grip right is vital for a good golf swing, and gripping the club too tight or too loose can have negative consequences. Let’s examine these effects and proper pressure grips. It is common for beginners to grip the club too tight. This will result in your wrist not moving as it should through the swing which in turn reduces the clubhead speed. Even if you hit the ball in the right spot, it will not carry as far as you want to, and it will not create much spin.

On the other hand, gripping the club too loosely will surely cause you to slice the ball. This is particularly bad when driving out of the tee box since will it will quickly put you out of bounds and in a bad position to finish the hole with a decent score.

Now, let’s examine the proper grip pressure points. For starters, your golf grip should not be too tight or too loose, and that is probably out of the box.  We know it is easier said than done, but after enough practice, you will find your pressure sweet spot.

How do you find the grip sweet spot?

One useful drill that we can use to gauge correct grip pressure is to think about a scale from 0 to 10 where 0 is a totally loose grip and 10 would be holding the grip as tight as possible. Once you have established this scale, you should aim to hold the grip at a level 3.  Now, start moving your club around a bit until you get a sense of weight for the clubhead. After some time, the club will feel more like a natural extension of your arms.

Pressure points on your lead hand and trail hand

The fingers are the most sensitive part of your hands, so we should properly use our fingers to properly apply and sense grip pressure. When we are correctly holding the golf club, the pressure point on your lead hand should be sensed on the heel pad near the pinky finger. As for your trail hand, the pressure point should be sensed on the middle and ring fingers. It will take some time to get a proper feel for these pressure points.


Different ways to swing a golf club

There are two different ways to swing a golf club, the classic swing and the modern swing.  In the classic swing, hip rotation is accompanied by torso rotation while in the modern swing hip rotation is restricted while the torso rotates to create torque. At the top of your backswing, these two variations will transfer pressure to different points of your grip. The classic puts grip pressure on the thumb and index finger of your trail hand while the modern puts the pressure on the three last fingers of your lead hand. 

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