How to improve your golf swing
December, 2021
golf swing tips

With so much information out there about the perfect golf swing and many sources trying to convince you that they offer the “best golf swing tips” available, we strip things down to the five best golf tips you should be paying attention to.

The Golf Grip

You can read all the golf swing tips ever written, but most teaching pros will tell you that, without a good golf grip, it’s unlikely you’ll go far in the sport. The proper golf grip effects club path, the leverage and lag you’re able to produce and the quality of ball striking. Therefore, it’s not one to neglect! It makes sense to prioritise the grip, when you think it’s the only thing that connects you and the golf club. 

We’re not going to go into it in great detail here, as that wouldn’t leave enough space for other important golf swing tips, but be sure to pay attention to the material out there about the perfect golf grip.


If you’re not set up to the ball correctly, with the right alignment and posture, there’s little hope of achieving the perfect golf swing (if such a thing exists). Also, it’s the one thing that we can control, regardless of how talented or experienced we are. With the right guidance, everyone can achieve the perfect golf posture and set up. Use a mirror or ask someone to take a picture of you from all angles, then compare how you set up against the best players in the game.


Ernie Els, Retief Goosen, Fred Couples, Louis Oosthuizen. Search for them online and watch their golf swings over and over.

Take note of how effortless and fluid it looks when they swing back and through impact. If you can get somewhere close to imitating the rhythm of these guys, you’re bound to see improvements in your own golf swing and lower your scores on the course.  


You can have the perfect grip, posture and backswing, but if you swing at the ball so hard that you nearly fall over, there’s little chance you’ll deliver the clubface square to target and hit a straight shot. 

Walk around a tour event with some fellow amateurs and you’ll inevitably hear someone say “they make it look so easy.” With the exception of a few monster hitters – the DeChambeau’s of this world – most of the game’s best players swing within themselves and maintain their balance throughout – with not a swaying part or awkward finish in sight. 

A clear mind  

Ok, so not necessarily a “swing tip” per se. But it’s all too common to see golfers getting so bogged down by the quest for the perfect golf swing that they forget to look at the target, relax and let their natural hand-eye coordination take over. 

Ever heard someone say, “I play well on the driving range but can’t take it to the course?” While the driving range might be the place to work on golf swing tips, it also tends to be somewhere golfers are more relaxed, at least when compared to a tight fairway or tricky par-three out on the golf course, where every shot matters.

Try using visualisation and breathing techniques to relax before each shot and be sure to rely on a consistent pre-shot routine. 

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