How to fix a slice in your golf wing
December, 2022

Many golfers get a slice from time to time, and it may be stressful to cope with on the course. For right-handed golfers, the shot begins to the left of the target; for left-handed golfers, the stroke starts to the right of the target, and it then arcs farther away from the target. We’ll talk about how to correct a slice in your golf swing in this post.

Finding the source of a slice’s issue is the first step towards solving it. A number of things, such as an open clubface, an out-to-in swing, or a shaky grip, might result in a slice. You may take action to remedy the issue after determining its root cause.

An open clubface is one of the most frequent reasons of a slice. When you swing, the clubface is not directed towards the target and is instead open. You should practise maintaining your clubface square to the target throughout your swing to address this issue.

An out-to-in swing is another frequent source of a slice. Instead of travelling straight along the target line, an out-to-in swing involves moving your clubhead across the ball from the outside to the inside of the target line. You should concentrate on maintaining your hands and arms in front of your torso and your clubhead on the target line to correct this issue.

And last, a slice might result from a shaky grasp. Your hands are not properly positioned on the club if you have a weak grip. You should concentrate on maintaining the same alignment of your hands on the club and tightening your hold on it to address this issue.

In conclusion, many golfers experience a slice on occasion, but it is treatable with the appropriate approach. You may enhance your golf swing and eliminate your slicing by determining the root of the issue, keeping your clubface square, maintaining your clubhead on the target line, and securely grasping the club. Keep these suggestions in mind while you play the course, and you will notice an increase in your performance.

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