Green Jackets, Pimento Sandwiches, and More: The Enchanting Traditions of the Masters
March, 2023

The Masters is one of the most prestigious golf tournaments in the world and is renowned for its rich history, traditions and iconic settings. Held every year at Augusta National Golf Club, The Masters has a unique atmosphere that sets it apart from other sporting events. From the picturesque Magnolia Lane to the famous “Augusta” theme song, there are countless rituals and customs that make The Masters so special. In this blog post, we will be taking a look at 10 of the most cherished traditions at The Masters, ranked in a completely unscientific order.

  1. The Transfer of Power: This show of sportsmanship is a rare sight in the modern world, where the winner of the tournament passes on the coveted green jacket to the new champion.


  1. All in the Family: The Par 3 Contest is a family-friendly affair that gives fans the opportunity to see their favourite pros as fathers and husbands, and not just as golfers.


  1. Something New for the Mantle : Augusta National awards crystal trinkets such as bowls, vases and goblets to players who perform standout feats like aces, eagles, and low rounds.



  1. The Pimento Cheese Sandwich :A staple at Augusta National, this iconic sandwich is a must-have for any Masters attendee and only costs $1.50.



  1. Skipping 16: A relatively new tradition, fans goad players into skipping their balls across the pond and onto the green, adding a fun element to the otherwise serious affair.


  1. Champions Dinner: An exclusive dinner for past Masters champions, where last year’s winner picks the menu, this tradition is one of the most enduring at The Masters.


  1. The “Augusta” Theme : The plinking, plunking piano overture has become synonymous with The Masters and is the perfect way to signal the start of spring.


  1. A Trip Down Magnolia Lane : Walking down the picturesque Magnolia Lane is a rite of passage for any golfer playing in The Masters.



  1. Ceremonial Opening Tee Shot :Signaling the start of the Masters and the year’s quartet of majors, this touching tradition offers golf fans a once-in-a-lifetime experience.



  1. The Green Jacket : Arguably the most iconic tradition of them all, the green jacket is the ultimate symbol of greatness and is awarded to the winner of The Masters.



In conclusion, The Masters is a tournament like no other, and its rich history and traditions make it an unforgettable experience for golf fans around the world. Whether it’s the sound of the “Augusta” theme song or the thrill of a trip down Magnolia Lane, The Masters is a tournament that truly embodies the spirit of the sport.



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