Golf and Wellness Retreats in Spain and Portugal: The Best of Both Worlds
November, 2023


For those seeking a blend of active recreation and relaxation, Europe offers some of the most exquisite golf and wellness retreats, particularly in Spain and Portugal. Through, you can access holistic golf and wellness packages that cater to both your love for golf and your need for rejuvenation. Let’s explore these havens of serenity and sport.

Spain: A Golfer’s Wellness Paradise

Spain, known for its vibrant culture and stunning landscapes, is also home to some of the finest golf and wellness resorts.

  1. Marbella’s Luxurious Retreats: Marbella is not just a golfer’s dream with its championship courses; it’s also a wellness oasis. Resorts here, bookable via, offer luxurious spa treatments that promise relaxation after a day on the greens.

El Fuerte Marbella, Marbella

  1. Costa Brava’s Holistic Experience: In Costa Brava, golf courses blend seamlessly with nature, providing a tranquil golfing experience. Post-game, indulge in holistic wellness therapies that rejuvenate mind, body, and soul. Find these experiences on Golf & Wellness Costa Brava

Portugal: Serenity and Sport Combined

Portugal, with its picturesque coastal towns and rolling hills, presents an ideal setting for golf and wellness.

  1. Algarve’s Scenic Splendor: In Algarve, renowned for its breathtaking golf courses, you can also find world-class wellness centers. Through, access resorts where you can enjoy therapeutic massages and wellness treatments amidst stunning natural beauty.

Wyndham Grand Algarve, Quinta do Lago

  1. Lisbon’s Urban Escape: Near Lisbon, golf resorts offer a perfect escape with urban convenience. After a challenging round of golf, unwind with spa services and wellness programs, all bookable through


Golf and wellness retreats in Spain and Portugal offer the best of both worlds, combining the love of the sport with the luxury of self-care. Through, discover and book these holistic experiences, ensuring your next golf holiday is not just about improving your swing, but also about rejuvenating your spirit. Visit our

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