Discover which are the Best Golf Holiday Insurance
February, 2022

Best golf holiday insurance

Making sure you have the proper coverage for your golf holiday is important to cover you and your expensive golf equipment. It is important to know why you need golf insurance and what it usually covers. If you want to spend your golf holidays without worrying about any eventualities, keep on reading! At Play In One, we want to give you some guidelines so you can choose the best golf holiday insurance.

Why do we need golf insurance?

Public liability is the most important reason why you should get golf holiday insurance. Accidents happen rarely around the golf course, but they do happen. You can be held responsible for hitting another player with a wild shot or for damaging someone else’s property, so make sure to know basic safety rules before stepping into the course and exercise caution at all times. Your golf insurance should cover you against these accidents and any associated legal costs. 

Seasoned golfers know that golf bags can hold quite an investment; also; regular travel insurance won’t typically cover your equipment. Your golf insurance should include coverage against any loss, damaged or stolen equipment, and in case you are renting, the insurance should provide coverage as well.

If you are unable to play due to bad weather, sickness, or accident,  golf insurance should refund any green fees paid in advance, cover medical expenses, and emergency medical assistance as well.

In addition, If you are lucky enough to hit a hole-in-one, some insurance providers will even cover your bar tab, so you can rightfully celebrate your achievement with a complimentary round of drinks.


How much coverage do you need?

It depends on the particular situation of each golfer. Consider the total cost of your equipment and the tech gadgets used. How much will we be paying in green fees? this becomes important is we are playing expensive and prestigious courses. Also, do you need coverage for a pre existing medical condition? Be sure to contact Play in One if you have questions regarding golf insurance and how much coverage you need. Our advisors are standing by and ready to help you.

A word of advice while on the golf course

There are some things that happen that we just can’t control like bad weather or an illness that will prevent us from playing; However, there are some things we can control that will help us stay out of trouble:

  1. Be mindful of others around you and make sure you can swing your golf safely. 
  2. Before taking your shot, make sure there are no other players on the green or fairway. 
  3. Exercise caution while driving the golf cart and look out for other carts as well and intersecting paths.
  4. If bad weather catches up to you while in the course, beware of lightning and make sure to take cover or head to the clubhouse as soon as possible.

Visit us at Play in One  to book your next golf getaway in one of the many golf paradises in Spain and Portugal. Our travel experts will help you put together the best package for an unforgettable golf holiday experience.

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