Amen Corner: Where Golfers Find Peace in the Eye of the Storm
April, 2023

Amen Corner is one of the most famous and talked-about locations in golf, and for good reason. It is one of the most challenging sections of the Augusta National golf course, where many players have seen their hopes of winning the Masters Tournament slip away.

But Amen Corner is also known for its unique and tranquil beauty. The Solitude of Amen Corner, an article by Thomas Bonk that was published on Saturday, April 12, 2014, talks about the serene atmosphere of the 12th and 13th holes of the Augusta National golf course. The article describes the Hogan Bridge, which is eight feet wide and about 25 paces from one side to the other, spanning Rae’s Creek. The bridge leads to the emerald green at No. 12, where the Masters Tournament begins ramping up the pressure by turning down the volume, if only for a moment. From this location, the patrons are hundreds of yards away, providing some mental relief for the players.

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After leaving the green toward the next hole, players take a hard left and arrive at the 13th tee, which is tucked away in probably the most remote spot at Augusta National. A series of horizontal rocks stack to form a small wall, and sunlight pours through the trees like soft light filtered through the windows of a cathedral. Spanish moss is draped from some of the trees, adding to the natural beauty of the surroundings.

Many players take the time to look around and take note of the serene surroundings, which provide a moment of respite from the intense pressure of the Masters Tournament. The 13th tee is a perfect place to take a breath, take stock of what’s happening, exhale, charge the battery, and calm down. For players like Ben Crenshaw, who first played the 13th hole at the Masters in 1972, the peaceful atmosphere of Amen Corner is unmatched. He said, “It’s a beautiful calm back there. It’s just you and your caddie and the players. It’s peaceful. It’s kind of an eerie quiet sometimes. Most of the time.”

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Adam Scott, the 2013 champion, has also played the 13th hole long enough to formulate a philosophy about how he feels standing at the teeing area. He said, “I think you feel the pressure is off. It’s like you can step away from this pressure-cooker that we’re out here in playing the Masters. It’s the one part where you get down to 12 and you feel like maybe some eyes are off you, and you can relax a little and a good time to reflect on how things are going for the day maybe. But it’s a way, one chance in a day to get away and take a little of the pressure off.”


Masters 2019: The luckiest Masters disciples gather in Amen Corner


In conclusion, Amen Corner is not just a section of the Augusta National golf course where players face intense pressure and make or break their chances of winning the Masters Tournament. It is also a beautiful and serene location, where players can take a moment to reflect and recharge before moving on to the next hole. Amen Corner is a special place in golf, and it will continue to be talked about and revered for years to come.



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